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The company is specialized is engaged in the fuel injection pump, injector, filter and CNC precision processing manufacturers, the latest introduction of a complete set of advanced fuel pump and injector testing equipment, and has many sets of machining center,forming a full quality assurance of the flexible production line.


Founded in 2010,WUXI DOKA CNC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. stands in the prosperous and wealthy land of century-old industrial and commercial city——Wuxi,it has an investment of RMB 10 million yuan and an area of 10,000 square meters, which has passed the IATF16949:2016 automobile industry quality management certification system,the annual total output of various fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors is nearly 2 million.
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Relying on the advantages of development, the company strives to build a high-level technical support platform. The company has a total investment of 10 million yuan, strong technical force, advanced equipment and technology. It has newly introduced a complete set of advanced production and testing equipment for fuel pump and injector.


The company is specialized in fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors, filter elements and CNC precision processing manufacturers,and strive to create a high-level technical support platform…


The company take "the science and technology gathered people power" the management idea, by the enterprise talents first,customer demand for this, wholeheartedly for clients to provide satisfactory products and services
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